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A Great Set of IronRuby Tutorials To Bring C# Developers Into The Ruby Fold

By Peter Cooper / July 24, 2008


IronRuby is a .NET implementation of Ruby being developed by Microsoft (specifically, by John Lam). The project has matured significantly in the past year, and IronRuby is well on its way to running Rails applications (it already works with very simple ones). IronRuby's major benefit is that it allows Ruby code to access a massive range of .NET libraries and services.

Justin Etheredge has put together a great set of tutorial blog posts designed to get you up to speed with IronRuby:

Justin seems to have a real knack for putting these tutorials together, and they seem to be popular with C# developers, so if you want to point any C# or .NET stalwarts you know to Ruby, these posts are a great starting point.


  1. Thibaut Barrère says:


    thanks for sharing these. I've got some posts on IronRuby + Silverlight that may help too:
    * Writing Silverlight applications with IronRuby =>
    * Step-by-step debugging with Silverlight and IronRuby =>
    * Unit testing .Net code with IronRuby =>


  2. Martijn says:

    I find IronRuby very interesting ever since I've done some small C++ .Net side projects. However the Windows-hassle in that first article is amazing. But maybe it's because the whole 'add sn.exe to your path' takes up half the article :)

  3. John Lam says:

    @Martijn: yeah - the SN stuff is a pain. Sorry. The experience will get a lot better in the near future (particularly with our binary releases)

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