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Rubyology: Great Interviews with Great Ruby Developers

By Peter Cooper / September 19, 2008

rubyology.pngRubyology is a Ruby-based podcast chaired by Chris Matthieu. Its focus is on interviewing interesting Ruby (and Rails) developers - finding out about their projects, what makes them tick, and extracting their insights into the Ruby and Rails worlds.

For some reason, Rubyology hasn't had a lot of love in the Ruby blogosphere, and after listening to several great interviews over the past few months, I've decided this is a great time to recommend you check it out if you're not already a subscriber.

Recent highlights include:

Of course, don't forget about Geoffrey Grosenbach's Rails Podcast either - it's not all Rails focused these days. The latest episode is an interview with Jim Weirich.

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  1. Mike Berrow says:

    I also enjoy this podcast. However, the sound quality is really poor!!. I listened (or tried to) to the recent Powerset interviews. Chris was clear enough, but the Powerset guys were barely audible.
    If Chris is reading this, please get some help in balancing your sound!!.

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