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JRuby Inside: It’s like Ruby Inside, for JRuby!

By Peter Cooper / July 16, 2007


I'm proud to announce the tentative launch of.. JRuby Inside, the latest addition to the Ruby Inside media empire (if two sites counts as an 'empire'!). JRuby Inside is like Ruby Inside, but for JRuby, the Ruby implementation that runs on the Java Virtual Machine.

Like Ruby Inside it has editorial direction. It's not just a bunch of links submitted by thousands of people, as you'd find on fine sites like DZone, Digg, Reddit, or It features links from lots of different sources, but I choose which ones make it to the RSS feed (so you don't get overwhelmed with junk, repeat stories or spam), which to delete, and which I want to edit the titles of. That said, users can post their own stories or comments, but these will be monitored closely, and will only make it to the RSS feed if they're good.

Ruby Inside will continue to cover major or cool JRuby news, as occurs in the JRuby category, but JRuby Inside is the place to be to keep your pulse on top of happenings in the world of JRuby.


  1. Josh Catone says:

    Congrats, Peter!

    Now, can we expect that nifty blog theme to make its way over to Ruby Inside proper anytime soon?

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks Josh!

    Not in the near term, I'm afraid! Although, I dare say it wouldn't be hard to do. I kinda like having different looks across the two for the time being though, especially considering they're quite different behind the scenes.

    Thinking I should also have some sort of contest for a good favicon *g*

  3. Koen Van der Auwera says:

    Subscribed! ;)

  4. Alexander Gnodtke says:


    I have been looking for a place where to get the latest news on JRuby, and especially any news and advances in the RoR on JRuby deployment area.


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