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Rails Inside: The Rails-Only Alternative to Ruby Inside

By Peter Cooper / June 30, 2008


It's been years in the making, but it has finally arrived.. Rails Inside, the Rails-only equivalent of Ruby Inside! Featuring an all-new template, Rails Inside presents information in a similar format and style to Ruby Inside but with a focus entirely on the Ruby on Rails scene. If Rails is your main thing, or a significant part of your development life, get over there and subscribe (by RSS or e-mail - the e-mail version actually looks surprisingly nice I've found).

Rails stories will still crop up on Ruby Inside but in slightly lower numbers. With its focus, Rails Inside will feature lots more interesting Rails stories and cover smaller (but still interesting) announcements that Ruby Inside wouldn't traditionally pick up anyway. Further, Rails Inside features small items "From The Rails Blogosphere" in between the regular posts to highlight interesting posts made elsewhere in the Rails blogosphere, making it a one-stop Rails news shop (note that the Rails blogosphere items are on the site only, not the feed, to avoid any annoyance).

It's still early days for Rails Inside, but the site is under active development and I hope to get a few key features rolled out within the next couple of weeks, including a feed of Rails-related events in the sidebar, a Twitter subscription option, and an improved general view of the Rails blogosphere.

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  1. sloser says:

    and rails inside is also build with php (like Ruby Inside)... why? What's wrong with ruby / rails?

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    WordPress is the best blog system, and it's only available in PHP.

  3. mark villon says:

    Maybe ?

  4. apeiros says:

    does that mean we can get rails-free rubyinside? (I'd consider that great)

  5. Peter Cooper says:

    Not entirely. For the next month or so, Rails will feature much as it did before (well, perhaps a /bit/ less) due to the transition of subscribers, and after that only significant / important Rails news will be on Ruby Inside.

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