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Lyle Johnson Retires from the FXRuby GUI Toolkit

By Peter Cooper / August 6, 2010

Yesterday, Lyle Johnson of the FXRuby GUI toolkit project stood aside as the project's maintainer, effectively retiring the project:

When Jamis Buck wrote last year about ceasing development on Capistrano, his post really struck a chord with me. If this post reminds you of that one, it’s because I re-read it before sitting down to compose this one. [..]

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that I’m stepping away from FXRuby development, effective immediately. I will no longer be accepting bug reports, support requests, feature requests, or general emails related to FXRuby. [..]

Someone on the mailing list asked whether FOX and FXRuby are “pretty much dead.” I can’t speak for Jeroen or the FOX project. As for FXRuby, however, that’s up to you. FXRuby is, and always has been, an open source project. If you are interested in hacking on FXRuby, or even taking over maintenance of the project, please feel free to fork the project on GitHub and release updates as you see fit.

Lyle Johnson

The undertone here is that the FOX Toolkit, upon which FXRuby operates, isn't underseeing significant development and, perhaps, there is little more for FXRuby to be doing (at least, little in the way of exciting or interesting) and Lyle wants to shuffle the project off his plate.

Lyle cites Jamis Buck's dropping of his Capistrano deployment system project as an inspiration, though Capistrano's story turned out to be a happy one after being adopted, for the most part, by Lee Hambley.

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