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Shoes – Ruby’s Cross Platform GUI App Toolkit – Grows Up

By Peter Cooper / August 15, 2008


It was about a year ago now that Rubyist extraordinaire Why The Lucky Stiff first showed his "Shoes" Ruby cross-platform GUI application toolkit off to the world. Since then, he's not let up with the development.

Previously, we've featured the release of The Shoebox - a Shoes application repository - and Nobody Knows Shoes - a short book about Shoes, done a roundup of Shoes tutorials, and looked at how to write a drawing program with Shoes on OS X.

Now, Shoes has a new official homepage - located at (yes, that's three os). Complete with a picture of an Amstrad CPC and gloriously pixellated logo, there's now a reasonably non-technical place to go to download Shoes, get into the wiki, and get access to the book. There's also a really good illustrative tutorial that walks you through some basic Shoes examples.

Quit dallying - go check it out. It's quite possibly Why's best work yet.


  1. Peter Cooper says:

    Just testing after the redesign..

  2. ynw says:

    Seems to work well

  3. Cesar Santamaria says:

    shoes rocks! it its really a lot of fun to write in it. I just would like more proper networked-apps in the shoebox, like twitter apps or mini-chat apps and so. Maybe IPsec tunnelling?

    shoes is great.

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