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Merbunity: Merb’s Community Continues To Grow

By Peter Cooper / May 13, 2008


Merbunity is a new site dedicated to "news, projects, and tutorials" related to the Merb Web framework (increasingly a common alternative to Rails). It's very early days, but it's well designed, and the initial content is good. It feels a little like a Ruby Inside for Merb. Great job! Among the launch content, and of almost immediate interest to Mac-based Merb developers, is Dr. Nic Williams' TextMate bundle for Merb.

It should not be hard for Merbunity to get traction with Merb fans. In the past few months the amount of amazing content for Merb developers has grown significantly. Key examples include the Merb wiki, the Merb book, the "How to create a chat wall" tutorial, and even Ruby Inside's own list of 21 Merb links, tutorials, and other resources.

If you've been steering clear of Merb because it's "not mature enough" (a complaint I have heard more than once), start dipping a toe in now. The water's now warm but still not crowded.

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  1. Luke says:

    It's always a big mistake to launch a website without any content.

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    I was hesitant to post about Merbunity when I first saw it a couple of days ago and it only had two posts. But it seems things are happening and I'm sure with the people involved (and especially any extra interest they get now) it will continue to grow :)

  3. hassox says:

    Hey Peter,

    Thanx for the kind words :)

    The site is still very young, and released a bit earlier than I might have liked. Hence the lack of content atm, but I felt that it's something the Merb community needs. I'm going to try to get some great content up there in the coming days.

    The great part is, anyone who's got something cool to share can do likewise ;)

  4. Mitchell says:

    I like it. Good luck to you hassox I joined up as I would like to start learning a little more about merb so I'm sure we'll meet again.

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