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NetBeans Ruby Support Continues to Improve

By Peter Cooper / April 2, 2007


NetBeans developer, Tor Norbye, continues to tease the Ruby community with his series of screenshots showing Ruby (and Rails) support in the latest development builds of NetBeans. This week he announces the release of a "Ruby-only slimmed down version of NetBeans" and shows off some compelling new features such as the ability to run Rake tasks from NetBeans, a database migration tool, and Mongrel support.


  1. ylon says:

    Just an FYI, keep your eyes on the new RadRails parents over at Aptana:

    The Aptana guys are very receptive to ideas/information. Be sure to push for your personal wishlist over on their forum.

    They seem pretty strongly dedicated to be the leader in the race. Hope to see things continue to heat up!

  2. TomC says:

    Interesting.....but I wonder if they could change the name.

    "Beans" sounds too much like Java.

  3. Adam Sanderson says:

    TomC: NetBeans is a fairly good java ide, hence the beans. Tor is building a pretty damn cool ruby support module for it. So far it seems to have some really great context completion, which is no small feat.

  4. CmdrDats says:

    @TomC : NetBeans is primarily a Java IDE, so it is kinda fitting :P

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