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Mobile Orchard: Like Ruby Inside, but for iPhone Developers

By Peter Cooper / October 22, 2008

mobileorchard.pngA brief aside to mention my latest project (in collaboration with Dan Grigsby) - Mobile Orchard.

Mobile Orchard is a new iPhone developer news site, in a similar vein to Ruby Inside. We've already:

There's a lot of money and a lot of excitement about the iPhone development community right now. Hampton Catlin says he's around the 48-50 mark in the "Top Paid iPhone App" list and he's selling 1,000 copies of his application each day, so if you can get into the top 10, you're going to be running a very serious business indeed.

Anyway, if you're an iPhone developer or are just interested in the platform, get over to Mobile Orchard and, ideally, subscribe to the feed or follow us on Twitter. If you don't want to do any of those things but want to wish us luck, you can do so in the comments here or save us on :)


  1. Ed says:

    Great to see you launch a site that is more to my tastes! ;)

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