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Mongomatic: A New Ruby MongoDB Library Hits The Scene

By Peter Cooper / August 14, 2010

Back in June, I did a comparison of Mongoid and MongoMapper, the two best known MongoDB libraries for Ruby. Now, Ben Myles has brought another to the fore: Mongomatic.

Mongomatic is a Ruby library that lets you easily model your MongoDB documents in your applications.

The primary design goals of Mongomatic are simplicity and adherence to MongoDB conventions. Mongomatic is not an ActiveRecord clone and has been designed to fit nicely with the document-oriented nature of MongoDB.

Features include cursors, hash access to your document and embedded documents, validations, callbacks and conventions for creating indexes and relationships.

Ben Myles

I haven't given it a try myself yet, but Ben's done a good job of presenting it, along with example code, so check it out if MongoDB is your bag.

If you want more MongoDB related news, check out's #mongodb tag. Lots of great stuff there.


  1. Greg P says:

    I will give it a try, never done before something with mongoDB but it's time to try it out!

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