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Redmine 1.0 Released: Ruby’s Top Project Management Webapp Hits Maturity

By Peter Cooper / July 19, 2010

It's out, it's out. Redmine 1.0 is released!

The first release candidate for Redmine 1.0 has been released to Rubyforge. This is a major release which includes many new features and bugfixes since the last major release, (0.9 in 2010-01-09).

This is still considered a release candidate (RC) release. The code has been stabilized over the past 6 weeks and we believe it is ready to be tested in production, but there still might be some rough edges. We are using this release to get some for final feedback, both for 1.0.1 (bug fixes) and our next major release 1.1.0.

Eric Davis

I don't understand the odd release candidate vs "1.0 is released" situation, but I've been following Eric's progress for months and he's put a lot of effort into making Redmine - a Ruby and Rails-based project management system used by the Ruby, RubySpec, Puppet and Typo3 projects, amongst others.


  1. Eric Davis says:

    Jean-Philippe (Redmine's maintainer) named 1.0.0 the first RC for the 1.0.x series at the start of the year with 1.0.1 being the next release (second RC or a "stable" release). I'm going to move Redmine to Semantic Versioning for the next releases so the RC/stable flag is easier to understand.

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