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MyConfPlan For Sale, All Money Goes To Charity

By Peter Cooper / August 28, 2007


You might recall, a few short months ago, that Dr. Nic built and released a site called MyConfPlan. Its prime objective was to enable RailsConf 2007 visitors to easily plan their schedules, although it had support for other events too. Dr. Nic has now put the site up for sale on eBay, and is donating all of the proceeds to charity as part of his pledge to donate to charity for RailsConf Europe. The auction ends in the next couple of days and is already at $470 Australian dollars (about $42 $386 US Dollars).


  1. derek says:

    My hat's off to Dr. Nic, that's a really cool way to wrap up a project. The site looks great and it looks a buyer would get some real value out of this.

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