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MyConfPlan: Plan your RailsConf 2007 schedule now

By Peter Cooper / April 28, 2007


MyConfPlan is a new Rails and Hobo powered conference session scheduling site by Dr. Nic Williams. MyConfPlan's biggest use at the moment is planning RailsConf schedules. Frustrated by the sheer unfriendliness of the official RailsConf Sessions schedule, Nic put together MyConfPlan to make it easy to plan your own choice of sessions to attend.

The sessions are laid out in a grid-like layout, with all sessions taking place at the same time on the same row. You can click on each session you want to visit in each row and you end up with an easy-to-follow conference attendance plan. You can then share your plan with other people with a URL to the MyConfPlan site. For example, here's Graeme Mathieson's RailsConf attendance schedule.


  1. Graeme Mathieson says:

    My schedule is, of course, subject to change. :-)

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Not trying to put you on the spot at all ;-) Hopefully you won't get too many stalkers!

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