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Obie Fernandez’s HashRocket Builds Your Web App In 3 Days

By Peter Cooper / January 19, 2008

Community celebrity, all round Rails good guy, and The Rails Way author Obie Fernandez writes in with news about his latest venture, HashRocket, a Rails-powered Web application development agency on steroids (or at least a lot of caffeine).

Their main "product" is 3-2-1 LAUNCH, a "get a site built in 3 days" affair, where you can get whatever idea it is you want to be developed sorted out by Obie and his crack team of 9 developers and various subcontractors in just three days. That's called cooking your Agile cake and eating it! The pricing model is fixed bid, in the range of approx $30k-$60k, but you're getting a lot for your money, since the team has many different resources to pull on, including stockpiled library code, Flash exports, visual design talent, and so forth. You'll also receive help with finding a qualified developer or team to take over the work once your week with HashRocket is up.

The second product is RESCUE MISSION, a service where HashRocket will fix badly-implemented Rails projects. If you're unhappy with your existing developers or you've dug yourself into a tangled knot of Rails obfuscation, HashRocket can swoop in and sort it out.


  1. Jake says:

    Wow, what exciting Ruby news! Shouldn't this belong in the 'Sponsors' column?

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    If Obie or HashRocket was sponsoring Ruby Inside, then sure, but as it is I've received no benefits (monetary or otherwise) for this post.

  3. Kyle Daigle says:

    I'm interested to see how his service plays out and what effect the 'in three days' feature has on the Rails world... if any. But cool and grats to Obie (and his team) none-the-less!

  4. Greg Willits says:

    Badly implemented Rails projects? Tangled knots of Rails obfuscation? I didn't think that sort of thing was possible with Rails?? Tell a newbie it ain't so! ;-)

    Good for Obie. I hope it works out.

  5. Ben Strackany says:

    Nice, that's one fast team. I assume the stockpiled library code isn't from previous projects, though?

  6. Nascar says:

    3 days to build a rail project is definitely a feat. Does it include planning and scoping within the three days as well? Or just the programming pieces?

  7. Obie says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone! Nascar, to answer your important question: three days is only the implementation part of the project. Planning and scoping is a crucial part of preparing for a successful launch and is included in the price.

  8. Matt says:

    I'm a fan - but the website's layout really bugs me, that fixed bottom bar really gets in the way of the content. Also, the site seems to run on PHP, which is fine, but strange for somebody strongly selling Rails services.

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