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Official Ruby for Symbian Released

By Peter Cooper / November 19, 2006


While there have been attempts at porting Ruby to the Symbian (mobile devices) platform before, Symbian have now released an official build of Ruby for Symbian OS (S60 to be precise). This brings Ruby to a vast universe of cellphones. Symbian are providing the project with libraries for rendering, messaging, and persistence on their platforms.


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  2. Kevin says:

    I read the website and it didn't really answer my question. Is this the kind of package that will allow you to send SMS messages with Ruby (and other stuff like that) or am I completely missing the point of this?

  3. Hendy Irawan says:

    Wow, very cool...

    Let's make our phones as web servers and data centers running on Rails with Mongrel... ;-)

  4. Alex Payne says:

    No binary, though. I'm guessing not a lot of Rails devs are set up to compile stuff for Symbian. Or, frankly, want to be.

  5. drew says:

    It's a pain that no binaries have been released yet, but I'm sure someone in the community will provide soon ... hint hint :-)

    I was looking at doing some compiling, but the Symbian S60 3rd Ed C++ SDK download is 355Mb, then you need the Carbide libs (another ~20Mb) to be able to compile in VS2003 (the SDK is for CodeWarrior out of the box), and I'm at work and don't think they would appreciate me grabbing things of this size just for fun :-)

  6. alonzo says:

    it look damn good!
    It doesnt have yet the promised libraries. Symbian only announced the interpreter is available but with a coming list of libraries.
    lets wait and see guys..

    I appreciate the idea that they are looking upto to the open source community to developt it. although not cleer how yet.
    very intriging...

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