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By Peter Cooper / November 20, 2006


Pratik Naik of Thinkwares (an Indian Rails development house) wrote to me to announce the launch of, an automatic 'river of news' style aggregator of Ruby and Rails blogs. If it sounds familiar, it's because has been doing the same for a while now, but, as Pratik explains: "One of the main reason why we did it is because is maintained by noone. I had changed my blog address and I couldn't get it changed there."

There's a little innovation too. supports dynamic subdomains so that you can narrow down on the sort of posts you want to read. For example, narrows down to posts that are about RJS. There are also RSS feeds you can subscribe to.

I've never been keen on the various "Planet" sites that are available, as often the constituent bloggers make posts that are off topic and contaminate the aggregator, but Pratik and his team have done a solid job here and put a good interface on top of a tried and tested idea.


  1. Lionel says:

    If you want to classify your RSS feeds I'm currently toying with bayesian classifications, crowd effects (other users classification help the system guess the match you'll choose for each news) in a multi-user web aggregator.
    A public alpha is here : (I may just have signed the death of the poor server behind this url), where you can ask for an account. Done in Rails, obviously -:)

    This is poorly documented, ugly as hell and awkard to use (I'm no graphist or UI designer) but at least it works for me and might interest others.

  2. Pratik says:

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for posting about it :-)

  3. Stephan Tual says:

    Funny enough I've read about this from your RSS feed right after adding 31 Ruby/Rails blogs to my google reader :-D I'll give it a shot, but as you said, it's off topic posts that often ruin 'prepackaged' aggregators..

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    31! That's more than I read ;-)

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