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Learnivore: Ruby Focused Screencast Aggregator

By Peter Cooper / September 21, 2009

Learnivore is a new(ish) site by learnivore.pngFrench Rubyist Thibaut Barrère that aims to aggregate all of the best screencasts in any easy to navigate, searchable manner. Learnivore is worth following (you can even follow it on Twitter) because unlike blog posts, screencasts from disparate sources haven't really been specifically indexed and presented well before.

Currently, Learnivore has a very strong Ruby and Rails focus though it's not exclusively Ruby - there are some Web design and iPhone videos mixed in there (though mostly still of interest to the average Rubyist, IMHO). The sources are BDDCasts, EnvyCasts, New Relic, SitePoint, Peepcode, Railscasts, RubyPulse, and the Pragmatic Programmers - all Ruby-leaning sources.

Naturally, Learnivore isn't the only Ruby screencast aggregator in town - is another new-ish site in the same niche, though Learnivore takes the presentation crown in my opinion. Two great resources nonetheless.

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  1. remi says:


    Learnivore is definitely a sweet aggregator and I hope it gets even better :)

  2. Rafael Rosa says:


    Carlos Brando, from Nome do Jogo and Ruby Inside Brasil, also published a Ruby-related video site, although he publishes conference and agile videos too. Most of them are in Portuguese, of course, but the content is great and the site's presentation is very good. It's worth checking out.


  3. Pistos says:

    Just thought I'd point out that Learnivore was built with Ramaze.

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