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Playing Catchup: 5 Great Links From This Week

By Peter Cooper / July 31, 2007

Ruby Inside hasn't had any new items for the last several days as I've just bought a house, and have had to enjoy the various work that brings. So, to get things back on track with Ruby Inside, here's a roundup of some of the key news and articles I've seen over the past week instead:

Why Releases His Shoes To The World

Despite the finest Ruby blog in the land, Why's RedHanded, slipping into a coma earlier this year, Why continues to wow the Ruby community with his contributions. This time around, he's built a cross-platform toolkit for making "Web-like Desktop Apps" using Ruby called Shoes. Drool over this sample code:

Why is releasing regular posts with information about Shoes and how to use it at

Rails™ Turns 3.. officially, at least.
David Heinemeier Hansson celebrates Ruby on Rails'™ third anniversary of release to the public. Congratulations David and the rest of the Rails core team!

Last Week for Early Bird Prices for RailsConf Europe
You have until August 6 to register for RailsConf Europe at the early-bird rate of €645.00 (for the conference sessions only). It goes up to €795.00 thereafter.

"Scaling a Rails Application" Tutorial
Courtenay of fame has written an excellent post that digs into the depths of scaling a Rails application.

Sphincter (a new ActiveRecord search library) Released
Eric Hodel has released version 1.0.0 of Sphincter, a tight library for extending ActiveRecord with Sphinx-powered search capabilities. It automatically configures itself, except telling it which models to search on your Rails applications. Sphinx is worth looking at if you haven't already as there are stable installations of it working well with indexing many terabytes of data.

That's it Jolks!
Normal service will resume in 3, 2, 1...


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