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PoolParty: One Ruby Gem = Easy EC2 Computing Cloud

By Peter Cooper / June 6, 2008


Pool Party is a new tool by Ari Lerner (of ProcessorPool fame) that makes it easy to automate the deployment, monitoring (using monit), persistent storage (using S3Fuse), and load balancing (using HAProxy) of EC2 instances. While intended to be application agnostic, there's naturally a major slant towards Ruby applications in general, with support for Rake tasks a core feature.

Ari's announcement blog post gives more in-depth details. Development is taking place on Github (where the README is somewhat more readable than with RDoc!) along with discussions at a Google group.

Ari presented PoolParty at RailsConf last week, and his slides are available to view below (or at Scribd):


  1. Anthony Eden says:

    Ari has already merged in my changes to the README to make it more readable, so the RDoc will be better the next time he publishes it, I'm sure.

  2. Rafael says:

    Another nice thing:

  3. elliottcable says:

    If only it used God instead of Monit! I'd totally jump in feet first!

  4. Ari Lerner says:

    It's written with the intention of being as flexible as possible. In fact, you can use god if you want to use god. It makes as few assumptions about your setup as possible.

    The latest changes include a healthy rewrite of the configuration system, a delicious plugin system and more.

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