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Rails Camp UK in August 2008: Wanna Hack Near London For A Weekend?

By Peter Cooper / July 1, 2008


Note: This item has also been posted on Rails Inside. I don't tend to make it a habit of crossposting items, but as Rails Inside is still very new, I am sure many Ruby Inside readers will want to know about it. Beware, however, you will need to subscribe to Rails Inside to get the skinny on new Rails events in the long term :)

Following on from the outstanding success of the "Rails Camp" events that have taken place in Australia, comes Rails Camp UK, the equivalent for Brits (and brave travellers). The first is from Friday, August 15th to Monday, August 18th and takes place just a 30 minute train ride away from London, in Orpington, Kent (my teenage stomping grounds, as it happens).

The organizers say that they want to get together a "posse of like-minded Ruby hackers" to hack and have fun together in an open environment. The whole weekend costs £45 (and includes food and basic accommodation) with a day pass available for £20. Places are limited. You can sign up on EventWax and a Google group has been put together for attendees to discuss the event.

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