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The erubycon Ruby Conference: Columbus, Ohio – August 15-17, 2008

By Peter Cooper / June 27, 2008


erubycon is a Ruby conference taking place in Columbus, Ohio between August 15 and 17, 2008. The e seemingly stands for "enterprise" with The Enterprise (and not the Star Trek variety) being a key focus. Earlybird registration is $199.00 and is open till July 4.

The speaker list is quite substantial and includes Neal Ford (Thoughtworks), Stuart Halloway (Relevance, Inc), Jim Weirich, Josh Holmes, Giles Bowkett (is there a conference Giles doesn't speak at?), Evan Light, Anthony Eden, Michael Letterie (IronRuby), Brian Sam-Bodden, Jeremy McAnally (ENTP and the Humble Little Ruby Book) and Lance Carlson (Ruby Skills).

The schedule so far appears to have a focus on solid, information-rich practical presentations rather than airy keynotes and fluffy thought pieces, so it could prove to be quite a learning experience.

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