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Rails Forum launches Rails Tutorial Contest

By Peter Cooper / September 20, 2006

The Rails Forum has announced a Rails Tutorial contest:

To celebrate our 500 member mark obtained yesterday, and in the interest of getting more good Ruby on Rails tutorials, Rails Forum is giving away an iPod shuffle to the best tutorial written between now and 12:01 AM GMT on November 1, 2006!

What do I need to do to enter?

Simple! Just post a tutorial in our Ruby on Rails Tutorials forum between now and the time above, and you'll be automatically entered!

To learn more, read the announcement post. If any good tutorials end up on there, I'll be posting references to them here on Ruby Inside.. so even if you don't enter, there should be something to get out of it :)


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  2. Anoonoo says:

    As a matter of principle, I refuse to use a "Rails Forum" which uses PHP. A Sad comment on the state of rails, in which every rails user has its 3 penny opera going in the form of a "web 2.0 app".

    Sitting there, looking at the counters.. hoping for google to come along and pick them up..

    while there is a dearth of openly available apps. Rails is dying folks. Our greed is killing it.

    There is not a SINGLE forum app in rails to match php forums.. why? because every one is trying to be 37 signals.

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    I hate to tell you this, but even this site uses a PHP blogging system :) (And there are certainly good Ruby / Rails blogging systems, but they're not a patch on WordPress)

    But.. your comments on the commercialization of development on Rails is interesting. I'd certainly be willing to run an editorial on it if you wanted to get involved.

  4. Josh says:

    Wish I'd seen this last week when it was posted. I'm willing to bet there aren't any Rails-based forums out there that match the PHP offerings becaus Rails is only 2 years old. vBulletin didn't happen overnight--it's 6 years old. phpBB is 5 years old, SMF is 3 years old, and PunBB (what we use at Rails Forum) is 3 years old. The top PHP-based forum systems are older than the Rails language itself--not to mention there is a wider market for the commercial ones (simply because of wider/mainstream use of PHP) and a larger pool of opensource developers working on the free ones. And let's not forget that PHP itself is over a decade old.

    All that said, there are some nice simple RoR based forums out there. Chief among them are Beast and Opinion (both MIT licensed, as far as I can recall). We evaluated both for use at Rails Forum, and ultimately decided that they fell short in areas we were concerned with (such as forum/user moderation). They're nice packages, just not quite mature enough for our needs. (We looked at rForum too, but that is even more barebones--but hey, also free.)

    We are, however, involved in an opensource forum project to create a Rails-based forum that is about as feature rich as PunBB (and hopefully has even better moderation tools). It's currently in stealth mode.

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