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A New Ruby (and Rails) Forum Launches

By Peter Cooper / June 14, 2006


A couple of enterprising Ruby developers have put together a forum for Ruby and Rails developers called Rails Forum ( It's very new, but the posts seem to be trickling through already. As with most forums, it's a chicken and egg situation, but if you enjoy forums, consider signing up and contributing. It's time the community had a large, bustling forum, as some newcomers find them extremely valuable.


  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for the post. Starting forums is definitely difficult, but Vinnie and I have some experience with them (we're both mods at newish Ruby Forum over there was partly due to our pushing for it :)). I'm actually very plased with the activity so far. Activity has really picked up over the past few days, and things are looking quite sunny for the future of the forum.

    We've even seemed to inspire the possible creation of a project to build a more powerful and complete RoR-based forum app, which was a personal alterior motive of mine when starting the site. ;)

    Thanks again for the mention!

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