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Rails Rumble: 48 Hour Rails Coding Competition

By Peter Cooper / August 20, 2007


In a similar vein to Rails Day comes the Rails Rumble, a 48 hour Ruby on Rails competition. You spend 48 hours developing a cool new Web application, and then all of the apps are judged through a peer-based ranking system in a variety of categories. The fun starts on September 8-9 and registration opens soon at Sponsors include O'Reilly, ActiveReload, Apress, Peepcode, Linode, ActiveState, Pragmatic Programmers, Cashboard, Ruby East, Engine Yard, RoundHaus, and ThoughtBot, so be prepared for some great prizes. Linode is even putting up a VPS for every entrant to deploy their app.

With the extra time allowed and the peer-reviewing process, it seems like Rails Rumble could progress more smoothly than the Rails Days of past, and Ruby Inside will feature more information about the contest and the winners as things progress.

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