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Registration for RailsConf Europe 2007 Now Open

By Peter Cooper / June 15, 2007


If you want to get to Rails' top European event, RailsConf Europe, the registration process for this year's event is now open! If you sign up before August 6, you get €150 ($200 / £100) off the usual fee, so check it out now. The event itself is September 17-19, and general attendance for the 2 days of conference sessions will set you back €645 ($858 / £435).

Here's an abridged version of O'Reilly's announcement:

Co-produced by Ruby Central and O'Reilly Media, this is the largest European conference dedicated to everything Rails. [..] The three-day program spotlights particularly creative experts, industry leaders, and under-the-radar innovators worldwide. Revelatory keynotesinclude David Heinemeier Hansson, head developer for Ruby on Rails, and Dave Thomas, co-founder of The Pragmatic Programmers. [..] To see the preliminary schedule, go here.

Have fun!

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