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DHH’s Keynote at RailsConf Europe 2007

By Peter Cooper / September 28, 2007


The guys at RailsOnWave have done a great job of recording David Heinemeier Hansson's keynote speech at the latest RailsConf Europe and have put it online, viewable within a Flash video player. Nice work!


  1. Morgan Roderick says:

    Man, that server must be getting hammered right now . Poor thing!

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Loading for me now, but big apologizes to the RailsOnWave guys if it's causing problems. I can change the link if requested.

  3. Sandro Paganotti says:

    Hi Peter
    Thank you very much for this post; we would apologize with your readers if sometimes the streaming connection slow down 'cause our server has been quite stressed this weekend :)

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