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REST auf Rails auf Deutsch

By Peter Cooper / January 24, 2007


Ralf Wirdemann and Thomas Baustert (the authors of the first German Rails book, "Rapid Web Development mit Ruby on Rails") have just released an online 'add on' for their book covering Rails' REST capabilities. It's thirty pages long, in PDF format, and looks to be a good read (if only I could read German).

(Thanks to Florian Goersdorf for the lead)


  1. Pablo Rodriguez says:

    Seems interesting... and if I would know German it would be excelent !!! Does anybody have it on english ? or spain ?

    I can´t learn German !!!


  2. Tobias H. says:

    I found it very helpful. It didn't tell me anything new since I read most of the available blog posts on REST (most important: DHH's railsconf slides), but it covers all the important things to know. And it's very convenient just having to point to one document to introduce a fellow rails coder to REST instead of providing a list different blog posts and articles. It would be very nice to have something like this english, too.

  3. Ralf Wirdemann says:

    Thanks for the comments. I totally agree that we need an english translation of the document. Currently I'm working hard to find someone who is willing to translate it, since I'm to busy at the moment to do it on my own.

  4. dirk lüsebrink says:

    How hard can it be? If you are still serious about the german version i hereby do volunteer. Wie eillig brauchst du es denn? Waere schade wenn man sich die arbeit doppelt macht.


  5. Ingo Paulsen says:

    Nice work! Everything mentioned in the examples works fine. Microformat delivering and ActiveResource Web Service clients seems very interesting too.

  6. Tobias H. says:

    I'd be willing to help on a translation, too.
    BTW, It would be nice if you also mentioned the formatted_*_url helpers that get created for each resource you configure. They accept the same options as the standard ones, plus :format => 'formatname', which is really helpful.

  7. Ralf Wirdemann says:

    Many thanks for the translation offers. Florian Görsdorf is working hard to get the english version of our REST tutorial ready. We expect the translated version by the end of the next week.

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