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Review of “Practical Ruby Gems” by David Berube

By Peter Cooper / June 19, 2007


Practical Ruby Gems is a new book written by David Berube and published by Apress that looks at the practical uses of a collection of Ruby gems. Tim Hunter, who also reviewed my Beginning Ruby (which is doing a good job of tanking in the Amazon rankings, but I'm in it for the long haul!), has written a lengthy review for Slashdot. Here's a direct affiliate-free link to the book on I was expecting to review a copy myself, but I'm more than happy to trust Tim based on his previous reviews of Ruby books.


  1. Casey Winans says:

    I personally have no qualms about you making a buck with an Amazon affiliate referral. If that's what it takes to keep your site afloat, then so be it. I'm much more inclined to click on something like that than some random Google text ad.

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks. I wasn't stressing it for that reason though.. it was just so that Slashdot /don't/ get a buck ;-) I'm a subscriber there and I enjoy reading Slashdot, but they're all part of a big company now, so affiliate links on their reviews just seems mean (if Tim was getting it, then that'd be okay).

  3. Andrew Bowman says:

    I bought, read and enjoyed Beginning Ruby after reading part of it at the bookstore. It's well written and contains useful information. I liked it so much that I spent my own money on it rather than buying it on my company credit card. It's mine!

    I think I may be in the Ruby minority because I don't use Rails. I just use Ruby. It's proved to be extremely flexible and is useful for system automation and data transformation.

    I suggest picking up a copy of Beginning Ruby. It is well worth the price for beginning and experienced programmers.

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