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Review of “The Ruby Way” by Hal Fulton

By Peter Cooper / November 4, 2006


In 2001 Hal Fulton released The Ruby Way, only the second English language Ruby book available. Since then Ruby has become popular in the West and with the help of Ruby on Rails has achieved significant critical success. With a significant number of enhancements and changes to the Ruby language and ecosystem of libraries and developers, Fulton decided a second edition was in order. That second edition of The Ruby Way, as published by Addison-Wesley, is now available.

Read the rest of my review over at InfoQ.


  1. Mark Thomas says:

    Um, that's not a review. It's a cursory overview. It seems to be missing the author's opinion.

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    It's not a particularly critical or analytical review, no, but I do say it's a good buy and that it's a good book. Admittedly it's more of a news item than the sort of review you'd find on, say, Slashdot, but that style more fits the editorial direction of the site.

  3. Rob Sanheim says:

    Speaking of Slashdot and the Ruby Way:

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    Yeah, I posted a comment over there earlier, but thanks for bringing up here! I didn't think of it for some reason :)

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