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Rubinius On Rails: Rubinius Becomes 3rd Ruby Implementation to Run Rails

By Peter Cooper / May 19, 2008


Evan Phoenix has announced that the Rubinius project has hit a major milestone: Rubinius can run Rails! This makes it implementation #3 (after MRI and JRuby) to join the Rails club and will help cement its reputation as a strong, key implementation to watch in the future. Chad Fowler goes as far as to assert that in a year's time, Rubinius will be used in production deployments and quickly become the defacto standard Ruby implementation shortly thereafter.

Eyes are now on Microsoft's implementation, IronRuby, that may also be joining the Rails club soon.

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  1. rick says:

    Apparently Rails is compatible with Ruby 1.9 as of rev 16486 (according to Jeremy Kemper).

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