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Ruby and C Integration Presentation

By Peter Cooper / March 31, 2007


Mark Volkmann has put together a kickass presentation [PDF] that walks through topics relating to C/Ruby integration. If you want to write a library in C that integrates with Ruby, or vice versa, it's an essential read.

And while we're at it.. two years ago Garrett Rooney wrote an article called "Extending Ruby with C" that could come in useful too. It's a little old, but covers a lot. He demonstrates how to take a basic, pre-existing C library and make it accessible from Ruby.


  1. Alexander Lomakin says:

    It looks very difficult for me. I think, this issue is very useful, but not simple - only for professionals!

  2. Vasudev Ram says:

    Thanks! Should be useful ...

    Vasudev Ram

  3. Daniel Berger says:

    Looks good. There's a mistake I noticed - NIL_P() and FIXNUM_P() do not raise exceptions. They're boolean macro functions.

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