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Ruby Creeps Up to #9 on TIOBE, Overtakes JavaScript

By Peter Cooper / November 23, 2007

The TIOBE "Programming Community Index" chart for November 2007 has been released and Ruby has climbed one place from #10 to #9, overtaking JavaScript in the process. The TIOBE chart is not a particularly accurate chart of programming language use, but it provides a data point used by many. Over the last two years we've watched Ruby scale quite a few places.

(Credit for noticing this: Akita on Rails - a top Brazilian / Portuguese Rails blog)


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  2. RequiredName says:

    This just proves that the Tiobe index is flawed. There is no way that Ruby is more popular than Javascript--think about it for a second.

  3. szeryf says:

    RequiredName: why not? are you implying that since Javascript is in every browser, every browser user is a Javascript programmer?

  4. Ashish Ranjan says:

    Also RequiredName: why not? are you implying that since Javascript is in every browser, every WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (whether he is doing some Java-Servlet Programming or .NET server side programming and has USED SOME BITS of client side code in javascript) is a Javascript programmer??? ???????????
    :-( Lots and lots and lots of people develop their web apps in .NET and Java etc., nobody considers that their app platform is Javascript, just because the have scribbled some lines in javascript for browser end, and in most cases that is only minute code for user interaction/redirection etc, containing no critical business logic or anything.
    When you have used lots and lots of javascript browser/clientside code in your app or say rich AJAX , then one can say that yes javascript is one of the tool of their project.
    How many people are using server side javascript or developing in Adobe AIR(uses javascript as core tool) or JScript.NET etc????????????????????

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