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RubyDoc.info: Good Looking, Up-To-Date Ruby Documentation

By Peter Cooper / August 30, 2010

RubyDoc.info is a new, automatically updated Ruby documentation site by Loren Segal and Nick Plante that builds upon their earlier success with rdoc.info (which we posted about in 2009). It's powered by YARD, a tool that puts out great looking Ruby documentation (there'll be more about YARD in a post later this week).

RubyDoc.info automatically generates documentation for all gems on rubygems.org (it updates its index once per day) but it does GitHub-hosted projects too. For RubyDoc.info to automatically update with documentation for your Ruby-related GitHub project, use the "Add Project" link on RubyDoc.info and then add http://rubydoc.info/checkout as one of your post-commit hook URLs in your repository's settings - on each future commit, your latest documentation will be built on RubyDoc.info.


  1. Jonathan Rochkind says:

    How is this different/better than rdoc.info? Is it the new rdoc.info? Is there any reason to use rdoc.info anymore? Curious why this wasn't just a new version of rdoc.info.

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    It's basically rdoc.info. I'm not sure why they haven't 301 redirected it but it's the same stuff. rubydoc.info is the new name, though. This might be to get away from the RDoc association a little.

  3. pete says:

    @Jonathan Rochkind, Peter Cooper:

    AFAIK, rdoc.info didn't support gems (only github projects), and had a much different look than the new rubydoc.info. I'd check out rdoc.info to make sure, but both look like they're down right now.

  4. robgleeson says:

    Let the YARD revolution begin!

  5. Tom Myer says:

    wow - basically I think it´s much easier to navigate and better structured!! looks great, 1000 x thanks for it!!!!

  6. Andrew Grimm says:

    Is it just me, or has Peter slashdotted the web site?

  7. Jeem says:

    I know the source for methods is available but it'd be nice if source for the entire .rb file was able from within rDoc.

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