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Several Ruby Related Interviews

By Peter Cooper / December 21, 2007

There have been a bunch of interview related links coming in over the past week, so it makes sense to put them all together to give you a nice pre-Christmas injection of interesting interviews to read. Enjoy!

Why Several Ruby Experts Are In Love With Ruby/Rails

Job search site OdinJobs interviewed several "Ruby experts" (and I only use quotes there because I'm in the list!) and asked them why they like Ruby and Rails and for tidbits of advice to newcomers to the Ruby community. The experts are Satish Talim, Alex Wayne, Alex Leverington, Abhay Kumar, Adam Williams, Alex Kane, Adam Keys, and Peter Cooper.

Peter Cooper (Me!)

Larry Wright took the opportunity to interview me, Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside, and asked me about what I get up to, how I got into Ruby and Rails, what sort of tools I use in my work, and my opinions on JRuby.

Topher Cyll - Author of Practical Ruby Projects

Intrepid interviewer Pat Eyler (of On Ruby) has interviewed Topher Cyll, the author of Practical Ruby Projects, published by Apress. Pat and Topher basically stick to the topic of the book, including how the contents were chosen and what Topher plans to do next.

Participants of Satish Talim's online Ruby class

Pat Eyler interviews three participants of Satish Talim's fine online Ruby classes: Marcos Souza, Chris Porter, and Michael Uplawski. They talk about how the class works and cover some things that the beginning Ruby developers found interesting about the language.


  1. AkitaOnRails says:

    Don't forget about my "blog":! :-) There are very interesting interviews with Dr. Nic, Geoffrey Grosenbach, Chad Fowler, David Black, Ola Bini, Carl Youngblood, Jamis Buck, John Lam, Avi Bryant (part 1).

    I still have Evan Phoenix and Hal Fulton in the queue and I owe Peter Cooper (from Ruby Inside fame), and Scott Hanselman an interview as well.

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