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Quality Interviews with 10 Rubyists (and Bob Martin)

By Peter Cooper / June 22, 2010

At RailsConf 2010, Fabio Akita (of went crazy with his camcorder and interviewed a wide selection of Rubyists, as well as famous C++ and Agile manifesto developer Bob Martin.

The interviews are divided up into groups:

  • Robert Martin - as well as an interview with Fabio, a video of his keynote at RailsConf 2010 is also included
  • David Heinemeier Hansson - 23 minutes of one-on-one with DHH - a refreshing change from his usual keynote/mass audience style
  • Miscellaneous interviews - covering Ryan Bates (Railscasts), Ben Scofield, James Golick, Carl Lerche, and Santiago Pastorino.
  • Ruby Heroes winner interviews - covering Aaron Patterson [Nokogiri], Gregory Brown [Prawn], Nick Quaranto [Gemcutter], and Wayne E Seguin [RVM]

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