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Some Fun New Ruby and Rails Videos

By Peter Cooper / June 8, 2007

Standout Jobs Need a Ruby Guru

Standout Jobs are looking for a Ruby guru, and they've put together a whole video explaining who they are and what they're looking for. I think more people should be posting job ads in this way.. it makes me feel a lot better informed about who they are than a dry list of job benefits.

Animated Ruby on Rails "Commercial"

Thanks to Jay Phillips for pointing this one out. It's a reasonably content-free but humor-full animated commercial for Ruby on Rails.

RailsEnvy "Rails Vs." Commercials

Every RailsConf attendee will already be familiar with these videos, produced in the same vein as the "Mac vs PC" Apple commercials, but in case you're not..


  1. Decklane says:

    The Standout Jobs video was nice. It does allow to get a better feel for the project and who you're actually going to work for. However I really don't like the way many job postings such as this one say they're searching for a 'Ruby Guru', or a 'Rails Guru'. I've been programming ruby exclusively since a few years before rails came out so quite a bit longer than the average ruby programmer. I would feel uncomfortable attributing myself the title of Guru even with five more years of experience. To be honest I would be a little bit concerned with anyone giving themselves the title of Guru. I'd let Matz or Ko1 get away with it. Perhaps that's whom they're looking to hire.

  2. Fred says:

    Hi Decklane,

    It would be great if we could make an offer to Matz or Ko1... can you put us in touch? ;-)

    Seriously though, thanks for the comment! Truthfully a title like "Ruby Guru" just sounds so much cooler than "Intermediate Ruby Developer - Class III"... More personality, y'know? And of course giving personalities to companies and their job postings is one of those big hairy problems that we here at is trying to tackle. :)

    Thanks for watching the video,


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