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TextMate’s Snippets Ported to RadRails

By Peter Cooper / November 6, 2006

Rather than spend $3049 on TextMate, the thrifty Dr. Nic Williams decided to try and port all of TextMate's useful 'snippets' over to RadRails. He has succeeded.

This is great news for Linux and Windows based Ruby developers who want to get in on the macro-fun without switching to the Mac. 199 Ruby snippets and 48 HTML snippets have been ported across.


  1. John says:

    For those interested in a lighter code editor, most of textmate's ruby snippets are available for SciTE via Mitchell's snippets:,

  2. Yggdrasil says:

    This is excellent! I wasn't even aware of the editor templates in Radrails, because Quicksilver had already taken the content-assist hotkey (ctrl-space). Now, Quicksilver has gone to alt-space and I've installed the textmate templates in Radrails. They appear to work great!

    Thanks Dr. Nic!

  3. CptOatmeal says:

    Wow TextMate suddently got pretty expensive! I'm glad I already bought my copy for a measly $49.60.

    (Missing a '.' in the cash field)

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    $3049 was a reference to Dr. Nic's joke in his post :) (Saying that a Mac would cost him $3k.. which isn't really correct, but hey!)

  5. CptOatmeal says:

    Well I feel sheepish. That'll teach me to try to point out errors when I clearly don't know what I'm talking about.

  6. Peter Cooper says:

    Well I admit, it does look like a typo, and generally you should be able to understand a post without having to refer to the linked content, so you can still feel good about yourself I say :)

  7. Jon Maddox says:

    Were the snippets them selves ported? Or was the engine ported, so future snippets work too?

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