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Thanks to Ruby Inside’s Sponsors for February 2009

By Peter Cooper / February 7, 2009

It's time to thank those great companies and individuals who help keep Ruby Inside (and often other Ruby sites) going. Note: All descriptions and notes are written by Ruby Inside and are not directly influenced by the sponsors. As such, any opinions stated are those of Ruby Inside and not necessarily shared by the sponsor!

FiveRuns - Rails Application Monitoring Solutions

fiveruns_310by90.gifFiveRuns is a provider of Rails application (and server) monitoring services. FiveRuns works hard to be part of the community, whether by releasing a free Ruby and Rails stack or publishing a great set of interviews with Ruby developers on their blog. The most recent was with Rails Envy superstar, Gregg Pollack.

PeepCode - Rails Screencasts and PDF E-Books

peepcode200802.pngPeepCode has been the longest-term sponsor of Ruby Inside and we all love Mr Geoffrey Grosenbach and his growing team of authors and contributed for all they give to our community.

New! Peepcode's latest release is HAML and SASS.

BrightBox - British Ruby on Rails Hosting

brightbox200802.pngBrightBox is a British hosting company specializing in high-end Ruby on Rails application deployment. There's been a pent-up demand for European Rails hosting, and BrightBox offer a wide range of plans, from a basic VPS with 256MB of memory up to a 2GB-packed behemoth. The bandwidth allowances are pretty good by UK standards too, and all but the entry-level plan come with FiveRuns' RM-Manage technology.

Linode - Xen Virtual Servers

linode.pngLinode is a well-established provider of virtual private server hosting - some five years now. They're very competitive and have recently redesigned their site. Their entry level package is $19.95 and gives you 360MB of RAM, 12GB of storage, and 200GB bandwidth. I personally pay (no freebies!) for my own Linode to play around with and it costs $39.95 a month for 720MB of RAM and 24GB of space, which works really well with Phusion Passenger for running Rails apps (and Sinatra apps, for that matter). A blog post Slicehost vs Linode compares them to Slicehost - they stand up well!

New Relic - Rails Performance Monitoring Systems

newreliclogo.pngNew Relic provides high-end performance monitoring solutions for Rails applications and they include 37signals and Shopify amongst their customers (very high praise indeed!) Recently New Relic launched an affiliate program (which you can still join), and has announced that almost 1000 customers now use RPM to manage their production Rails apps! Back in November, New Relic also secured $6m of new funding.

Rubysophic - Ruby and Rails Performance and Diagnostics Tools

rubysophic.pngRubysophic is a new entrant to the Rails tools and service market. They're building diagnostics solutions for Ruby applications in general, in contrast to other players in the market who are Rails focused. Rubysophic's first product is RubyRun, a free stand-alone performance and diagnostics tool for both Ruby and Rails developers.

Fynspire - Social Network App Development Experts

fynspire_logo.pngSan Francisco based Fynspire are Rails development experts who specialize in social networking applications, widgets, and APIs. Their latest creation is the Getting Popular social networking tool.

If you need a social networking application developed, get in touch with these guys now.

Atlantic Dominion Solutions - Rails Consultancy and Development

atlds200802.pngBased in Orlando, Florida, Atlantic Dominion Solutions offer a full range of Rails consultancy and development services (they also build apps of their own). Founder Robert Dempsey is also behind the Rails For All project, a Rails advocacy group. ADS's latest release is Expensd, a Web application that simplifies expense tracking. They're also behind the acts_as_conference Rails conference that's taking place right now in Orlando, Florida.

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