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The Best of RubyFlow – April 24 to May 5, 2008

By Peter Cooper / May 5, 2008

RubyFlow - the community based companion site to Ruby Inside - has been on fire! I'm finding out about lots of new stuff on there that then gets included into Ruby Inside posts. It's the place to be if you want the most up to date Ruby and Rails news, but don't mind putting up with a bit of 'noise'.

Every two weeks or so I'm going to summarize some of the best items from RubyFlow here on Ruby Inside, so that you can still keep up with the latest developments even if you don't want to be soaked in the firehose of Ruby news over there.

For the period April 24 to May 5, 2008:

Net::SSH 2.0 Released: Jamis Buck announces the release of Net::SSH 2.0 and the availability of Net::SFTP 2.0, Net::SCP 1.0, Net::SSH::Gateway 1.0 and Net::SSH::Multi 1.0.

Webistrano 1.3: Webistrano 1.3 has been released; read the announcement. Webistrano is a Web UI for managing Capistrano deployments. It lets you manage projects and their stages like test, production, and staging with different settings. Those stages can then be deployed with Capistrano through Webistrano.

Automatic Migration Generator: Hobofields is an automatic migration generator for Rails / ActiveRecord users. Annotate your model with the fields required as you go, then Hobofields generates the required migrations.

Capistrano 2.3.0: Yehey! Capistrano 2.3.0 is released. It has many new tasty features!

Rails 2.1 Features: A summary of some of the nice new features coming in Rails 2.1. In short, many of the rough spots are being patched over!

Ruby and TextMate: An interesting introduction to TextMate's Ruby bundle. A good place to start if you use TextMate but haven't used any of the mnemonics and snippets the Ruby bundle provides (like me).

John Lam on Iron Ruby: A video update on Iron Ruby from John Lam recorded by David Laribee.

MetricFu: Jake Scruggs demonstrates how to use MetricFu to produce good looking metrics and reporting for your Rails application.

Merb Blogging Software: Announcing Feather, a Merb based blogging engine with a lightweight core framework, and a robust set of plugins, now open source and ready for contributions!

Parsing Quoted Strings: If you need to parse quoted strings in Ruby, a lesser-known module called Shellwords from the Ruby Standard Library is a handy utility.

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