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16 Great Ruby Articles and Resources In The $100 Contest So Far

By Peter Cooper / August 18, 2006

Ruby Inside is running a $100 contest for people who write a Ruby or Rails related article, resource post, or tutorial this week. There's still just over 24 hours left to run so get your entries in quickly if you want a chance at winning the $100. So far there have been 16 entries and they're all pretty good. But.. there are only two entries for the second prize so far, so if you want some great odds at winning the $15 second prize, link to the contest and let us know about it!

Here are the 16 entries for the top prize so far:

1. Setting Up a Rails Development Environment and Deploying to Textdrive by Jordan McKible.

2. Anatomy of an Attack Against Rails 1.1.4 by Evan Weaver.

3. Top 13 Ruby on Rails Presentations from TechKnow Zenze (this article has been blowing up on lately).

4. Noobies First Impression of His First RoR Project by Shane Thomas.

5. Ruby/Tk Client for SOAP Server by Satish Talim.

6. Ruby-Prof and Call Graphs by Pat Eyler.

7. Profile and Ruby-Prof: Getting Specific by Pat Eyler.

8. Security Threat Last Week by Nick Seiger (some insight into the 1.1.4->1.1.6 kerfuffle).

9. Finding Out Who Called a Partial in Rails by Michael Mahemoff.
10. A Perl of Great Price by Rick DeNatale (a look at some of how Perl has influenced Ruby).

11. Scriptaculous Rails from TechKnow Zenze.

12. Rails Is Growing Up by Ben Curtis.

13. 3 Skills to Make You A More Valuable Rails Developer by Matt Margolis.

14. Ruby or Rails Cheat Sheets from

15. PuneRuby's SOAP Server and Client by Satish Talim.

16. Ruby/Tk by Satish Talim.

So, will I be running rand(16)+1 next Thursday, or..? :)

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