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Win $100 By Blogging About Ruby or Rails This Week!

By Peter Cooper / August 11, 2006


It's Ruby Inside's first competition! Ruby Inside is desperate for amazing Ruby and Rails content to link to, so let's get the ball rolling..

Ruby Inside is offering a top prize of $100 for blogging about Ruby or Rails this week. The winner will be drawn at random from all Ruby related blog posts linked to in a comment or trackback made to this very post only. To win, your post must demonstrate something interesting or new about Ruby that Ruby Inside users could find interesting. Any tutorial, insight, cool code example, etc, is eligible.

A single second prize of $15 is offered for just linking to this contest on your blog or forum. You must leave a comment or trackback or send an e-mail to rubyinside -/at/- with the URL of your mention to be eligible. The winner will be drawn at random.

Important Additional Rules: 1) The contest starts NOW (no pre-existing posts accepted) and ends Sunday, 20th August, 2006 00:01 GMT (Eastern Time: Saturday, 19th August 20:01 EDT). 2) No notifications or posts made after that time will be eligible. Low quality / non interesting posts will be eligible for the second prize only. 3) All references for the top prize must be left as a comment or trackback to this post. 4) PRIZE PAYMENT IS VIA PAYPAL ONLY (sorry!). 5) The drawing will take place on Thursday, 24th August and winners will be announced on Ruby Inside. 6) Prizes will be sent, via PayPal, as soon as I can contact the winner. Winners who cannot use PayPal can choose to have it PayPalled to another person / cause of their choice.

Here are some ideas for what you could post about for the top prize:

  • Demonstrate a quirky Ruby trick
  • Create a killer "Top 10/20/25/50/100/whatever Ruby Tutorials/Links/Snippets/Tricks"-type post
  • A case study of how your company has used Ruby or Rails technologies
  • Deep insight about Ruby development
  • .. whatever you feel!

Good luck! Let's make this a mega week in the Ruby and Rails blogosphere and produce some great tips, tricks, and documentation. Ruby Inside will link to as many interesting posts as possible during this time, so even if you don't win, you might get a bunch of traffic!


  1. Luke Redpath says:

    Aha! Motivation to finish the first (maybe two) parts of my forthcoming 5-part testing rails feature!

  2. Jordan McKible says:

    Do I have to pick just one entry? I've got a couple from this week on the whole 1.1.5 thing ( I've also written a half decent guide to setting up a development environment and deploying to textdrive:

  3. Scott Meade says:

    I'll bite at the consolation prize drawing (and hope to post something interesting for the main prize this week).

    My link to the contest is at:

  4. Juixe says:

    Show me the money!! Here is my entry, Scriptaculous Rails, a break down of the scriptaculous support in Rails and specially all the combination effects available in rails via the visual_effect method.

  5. evan says:

    Some deep insight into Rails development here.

    "Anatomy of an Attack Against 1.1.4"

  6. Pingback:

  7. Juixe says:

    I messed up the link to entry, Scriptaculous Rails, so to correct that I wrote another post...

    I compile a Top 13 Ruby on Rails Presentation available here:

    Here is the correct link to Scriptaculous Rails:

  8. Satish Talim says:

    I've got a couple of posts this week on Ruby/Tk and SOAP::RPC.

  9. Shane says:

    Might as well throw my hat in the ring...I did after all finish my first "Real" RoR app:

  10. Pat Eyler says:

    Well, I might as well start with this morning's post:

  11. Pat Eyler says:

    Okay, I'll add today's post as well. This is the third of three on Profiling Ruby. Read it at:

  12. Nick Sieger says:

    Comments and recap of last week's Rails security issue at:

  13. Michael Mahemoff says:

    "So you're coding a partial and you want to know which template has pulled it in."

  14. Rick DeNatale says:

    Okay, I'll nominate my latest entry at:

  15. Steven R says:

    Not exactly a blog post, but my list of ruby and rails cheatsheets:

  16. Peter Cooper says:

    Excellent submissions! Looking forward to even more before the week's out!

  17. Benjamin Curtis says:

    Suggestions for the Rails development and release process:

  18. Matthew Margolis says:

    Here is my article "3 Skills To Make You A More Valuable Rails Developer"

  19. Larry Myers says:

    Here's my submission for the content:

    "10 Reasons Why Rails Will Succeed"

    One of my non-"How To" articles that I'm rather proud of.

  20. Chris Carter says:

    With little time left:

  21. Duncan Beevers says:

    Using Simile Timeline with in Ruby on Rails views with Simile Timeline Rails Helper.

  22. Paul Ingles says:

    Well, I've only just read about this, but I guess I could enter my (mammoth) post on writing a Typo Sidebar component entirely test-first.

    It should serve as a great starting point to those wanting to write Rails apps using Test Driven Development (and when Rails makes testing sooo great it's silly not to take advantage of it), and as an example of how to approach development as an outsider on an open source project like Typo.

  23. josh susser says:

    Wow, I've been so absorbed by the new startup that I didn't even notice your contest. I guess I'll toss my hat in the ring with my latest (which you already linked to, but what the hey).

    "How Dynamic Finders Work"

  24. Chris Carter says:

    About a conceptual rails toolkit for mainly DBA's. Might want to consider it just for 2nd place

  25. Jon Leighton says:

    My last minute entry: :)

  26. josh susser says:

    OK, I couldn't resist. I wrote another post today.

  27. Peter Cooper says:

    The contest is now officially CLOSED. I will allow these last sneak entries in as I hadn't posted a closure till now. However, that's the end folks.. sorry! :)

    The prize drawing happens on Thursday.

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