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A Look Into Ruby’s Object Model

By Peter Cooper / November 3, 2010

rom.pngA few days ago, Burke Libbey, a Winnipeg based Ruby and Rails developer, gave a presentation called Ruby's Object Model: Metaprogramming and Other Magic to the Winnipeg.rb Ruby user group. I though it was interesting enough to embed here.

Presentations about metaprogramming and how the Ruby object model works are hardly anything new, but Burke has approached it in a friendly, easy to understand (though terse - but that's why it's a presentation) fashion, despite including the relevant C from MRI on the slides. Topics covered include how classes and objects are represented and related to each other, how singleton classes work, how method lookups work, and.. "more magic."

Note: If your reader doesn't support embedded presentations, click here to see the presentation on Slideshare.


  1. Ray says:

    Is there a video talk of this? I often find slides are missing content and emphasis.

  2. Burke says:

    @Ray: Unfortunately, no. We've been thinking about recording talks, but haven't got around to starting yet.

  3. eqdw says:

    @ray: no, unfortunately there is not. Maybe we should start recording our Winnipeg.rb meetings? I never thought they'd get this impressive.

    If you're interested, go to the site (, email the contact-us address and pester whoever answers that. I'll make a mention of it to him too.

  4. zundra says:

    Slide 54 has a mistake. Should be

    class Animal
    @@sound = "..."
    def self.speak

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