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Build Offline Rails Applications with Joyent Slingshot

By Peter Cooper / March 24, 2007


Joyent Slingshot is a new technology developed by Joyent and Magnetk that provides a Windows and OS X client for specially designed Rails applications. The upside of this is not just that your application looks more like a desktop application, but you can also code it in such a way that your application will work both online and offline, syncing data as necessary.

The main downside at the moment is that Slingshot isn't actually released yet, and a number of other compromises are raised and covered in the comments section of their blog post. Still, this is a technology to keep an eye on in future.


  1. Riel Roussopoulos says:

    I have to say, those folks at Joyent really have their eye on the ball.

    Another great market "slice" in their portfolio of products and services.

    There's a company to watch in the future, someone let me know when I can by shares, I'm in for a few bucks.


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