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Slingshot: Ruby on Rails Business Hosting

By Peter Cooper / June 26, 2006

Slingshot is just one of many hosting companies getting on the Rails bandwagon. Unlike many, though, Slingshot was launched specifically with Rails in mind, as the tagline says: "When we couldn't find a reliable Rails host, we created our own." If you use the service and have any comments or a review, do post in comments here.


  1. Derek Haynes says:

    Derek here from Slingshot (and Highgroove Studios)...just wanted to mention that we're adding some cool features to Heartbeat, our Rails Day application, that will be unique to Slingshot.

    Heartbeat is a web interface for maintaining and monitoring your Ruby on Rails applications. With Heartbeat, you can monitor the uptime of URLs and run your application's rake tasks from a single web page. Heartbeat can be extended however you want - if you can write a rake task, Heartbeat can execute it.

    Preview Heartbeat Here:

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