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EuRuKo 2010: Summaries, Videos, and Photos from Europe’s Ruby Conference

By Peter Cooper / August 29, 2010

EuRuKo is the brand of Europe's principal Ruby conference series and EuRuKo 2010 took place in late May. Why, then, am I posting about it in August? First, I'm a strong supporter of EuRuKo and promised to post a roundup of the event here. Secondly, it turns out it took a while for the videos to all be uploaded ;-) Third, I've taken my time in getting round to it. Nonetheless, there are some amazing presentations you can watch and they're still fewer than three months out of date!

One of the event's organizers, Ela Madej, gives a summary:

European Ruby Conference 2010 is now well over and the Berlin EuRuKo 2011 team are surely working on their opening song for the next year. Yes, we all know they sing well - their uber-strong German vocal was nothing but adorable.

Despite the flooding and changing the conference venue just one week before the event, EuRuKo was great! It was filled with fantastic talks and Rubyists from all over the planet. Here are some numbers: around 121 Poles (less than half of all 280 attendees), at least 40 Germans, Rubyists from Japan, Austria, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA, Cuba, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, The Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, France, Belgium, Brasil and more.

For everyone who missed the event, the videos from the conference are on Vimeo. There is also a great summary of the talks for Day One and
Day Two. Here are the links to EuRuKo official photos on Flickr for Day One and Day Two also.

Ela Madej

While there are 37 videos on offer, some standouts include:

EuRuKo is supported by not only by Rubyists paying to attend but by quite a few sponsors, with 2010's event no exception. The organizers asked me to specially thank their biggest sponsor Novelys - a team of French Ruby on Rails experts. On top of that, EuRuKo's afterparty sponsors were Applicake and Lunar Logic Polska, two Ruby development teams from Poland. Finally, 16 micro sponsors helped out too.

I've been a keen supporter of EuRuKo since the first event so a big thanks to all of the sponsors and attendees for supporting Ruby's principal Ruby conference. Now, go enjoy those videos.


  1. yannski says:

    Thanks for the Novelys quote :)

    Just a quick note on why we sponsored Euruko. First, I have some polish blood in my veins. More seriously, we're always happy to sponsor tech events related to how we work at Novelys. We contribute open source code but we're also engaged in open source tech events. Furthermore, we heared about Applicake, Ela Madej and Paul Klipp well before Euruko and we were sure that they will do a good job organizing Euruko in the lovely city of Krakow. And we weren't disappointed !

  2. Ela Madej @elamadej says:

    Thanks for this entry Peter! We appreciate your support.

    @Yannnski - thanks! We might be coming with some more tech events
    in the future. Expect some updates soon!

    Greetings from Applicake team!

  3. Paul Klipp says:

    EuRuKo was one of the most rewarding conferences I have ever organized (although I am kinda hoping to do even better with TEDxKrakow). Ela, Tomash, and Agata were great to work with, creative and dependable. We really appreciated the support from Novelys and all of our sponsors whose generosity made it possible to move to a more expensive venue at the last minute when ours was flooded. I hope they will all support the Berlin team in 2011. I know Lunar Logic will!

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