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Railscasts Releases 100th Free Screencast; Holds a Contest

By Peter Cooper / April 7, 2008


If you're a Rails developer you will, I hope, be familiar with Ryan Bates' Railcasts, an amazing site chock full of free Rails related screencasts, and just over a year after posting the first video, Ryan has released video #100, entitled "5 View Tips", which presents five quick tips relating to your use of views in your Rails applications.

To celebrate a solid 13 months of top-notch screencast production, Ryan has collaborated with a number of sponsors to launch a Railcast 100th Episode Contest.

The contest's "grand prize" includes an iPod Touch (!), a Code Spaces Subversion hosting plan, a Harvest plan, a $50 Pragmatic Programmers coupon, a $50 Amazon gift card, and a $50 iTunes gift card! The rest of the prizes, all the way down to 9th place, include lesser amounts of most of the same items (as well as some Peepcode goodies).

But what do you have to do to get the goodies? Easy. Write 5 Rails tips, share them with the community by May 5th, and send the URL of where they are to an e-mail address provided on the contest page. Also feel free to post the URL into the comments on this post. It won't constitute an entry (you need to e-mail Railscasts to do that) but I might link to some of the best entries myself, and it'll also allow other Ruby Inside readers to enjoy your hard work. Good luck!


  1. Gwyn Morfey says:

    Here are five of the things I learnt at Scotland On Rails:

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