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Merb + Shoes = Interesting Web / GUI App Crossovers

By Peter Cooper / January 10, 2008

Shoes Meets Merb: Driving a GUI App through Web Services in Ruby by Gregory Brown and Brad Ediger leads us on a six page tutorial extravaganza through not only building a cross-platform GUI app (namely, a pastebin of sorts) using WhyTheLuckyStiff's Shoes system, but using Rails-killer Merb as a backend for storing the data. It's an impressive enough effort that Why himself has linked to it and added a few notes of his own (including the provision of a much better illustrative screenshot - as used above).

In related news, yesterday Why announced the launch of a new version of Shoes, known as "Curious."


  1. Nikc says:

    Rails-killer. That's what the smart kids are saying. How long til the cool kids start saying it?

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    I just like throwing in slightly controversial or unusual bits and pieces in here and there to see if anyone's paying attention :)

  3. Gregory Brown says:


    Hey, we do too! Well... actually, not so much controversial about Monkeys on LSD.

    *runs from PETA*

  4. Lance Carlson says:

    Merb 0.5 just came out!

  5. sintaxi says:

    this looks very interesting. in other news...

    ezra just released merb 0.5 a couple of hours ago.

  6. Garth says:

    Merb is what Rails should be. And Erza has just released 0.5.

  7. sintaxi says:

    for those who are walking thorugh this tutorial,

    I had to add "require 'yaml'" to the http_to_yaml.rb file on page 4 otherwise I got an error.

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