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Michael Hartl’s 15 Hours of Rails 3 Screencasts

By Peter Cooper / October 13, 2010

Have you seen Michael Hartl's It's a free online "book" that walks you through from start to finish with building either a Rails 2.3 or Rails 3.0 app (though a $39 PDF rendering is also available). After finishing the book, Michael set to work on some screencasts covering the same ground in video form and it's now released: the The Ruby on Rails Tutorial screencasts, clocking in at over 15 hours of content, are now live.

Michael's project is the latest in a line of self publishing efforts in the Ruby and Rails communities and it's gone down a storm on Hacker News. Michael did such a great job with the free content that you know the videos are going to be easy to follow and value packed. I got review access to all of the material a week ago and can confirm that, yes, these screencasts are awesome (as long as watching over 15 hours of screencasts is your cup of tea). I've seen people compare them to the style used by Ryan Bates on his Railscasts and I'd go along with that. Direct and practical.

At $85, they might seem steep to some readers, but if you basically want to be able to look "over the shoulder" of an experienced Rails developer and see how a Rails development environment is set up and how multiple apps are built, there's nothing that can beat this. This isn't a set of "build a blog in 15 minutes" videos - it's a complete course that could kick off a new career for you with Rails 3.0.

So if you want to learn Rails 3.0 in a practical manner from the ground up, check out Michael's screencasts.


  1. Dave Doolin says:

    I haven't bought the product yet, but I'm thinking about it very strongly.

    So far, I'm halfway through Hartl's tutorial, and haven't found a single error, of any kind, that didn't eventually turn out to be a typo on my part. That's really impressive.

  2. Baloo says:

    Looks really good and instressant should start reading more about the ruby. Should be interesting and useful to understand properly. We'll see how it will go.

  3. Lukey says:

    I've recently purchased the PDF and screencasts and confirm these are really worth it. Michaels style is clear and easy to follow. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a head start in ruby on rails learning.

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