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New release of Rails blogging tool: Typo 4.0 Released

By Peter Cooper / July 23, 2006

Scott Laird has announced the release of Typo 4.0, the first release of the original Rails powered blogging tool this year:

I’d like to announce the release of Typo 4.0.0, the latest version of the most widely-used Ruby-based blogging software. This is the first official release of Typo 4.0, and the product of almost a year’s work by the Typo team. This is a huge upgrade over the previous Typo release, version 2.6.0. You can download it from Rubyforge, or you can use the new Typo .gem and installer.

Typo appears to have lost some mindshare in the Rails blogging community to Rick Olson's Mephisto (the official Rails blog migrated to Mephisto just a month ago), but Typo has made a whole lot of changes and improvements (podcast support, file uploads, Jabber notification, better caching and themes support, redirection system for people migrating from other blogging tools, etc).


  1. Mark Thomas says:

    What I'd like to see is a comparison between Typo and Mephisto, since I haven't used either.

    Having a problem getting Typo 4.0 to work on Ubuntu Dapper. (bug reported in Trac, no resolution yet). So I guess my decision has been made for now...

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