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New Ruby Inside Chatroom – Come Visit!

By Peter Cooper / August 18, 2006

Some readers have checked out the little publicized chatroom that's always been linked to from Ruby Inside, but it's been really flaky. Luckily, however, new Web 2.0 startup, Lingr, provide an absolutely amazing, fast, and easy to use chatroom and I've set it up for Ruby Inside right away.


So without further ado, check out the new Ruby Inside chatroom. Everything is on-topic, but if you want to talk Ruby, all the better. I'll be on there for the next few hours until I go to sleep tonight. Wow! Thanks to all the people who dropped by.. including, goatsmilk, bricolage, atmos, lazyat0m, THOMAS, jonbaer, DerGuteMoritz, UncleD, PabloC, *** ****, lpjkuytx, jakecutter, cdcarter, cboone, dema, defunkt, and Richard Livsey. *** **** has agreed to do a short Q&A session in the chatroom sometime in the future, so watch out for news about that..


  1. Richard Livsey says:

    Congrats to the guys at Lingr, it's an impressive app.
    Looking forward to seeing how they go from here, there are a few areas I can think of improvements (pagination on the archives would be nice!) but on the whole it's very well done.

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